Internet Speed Test

Do you have high speed internet at your home or office? Advertised speeds from your internet service provider are not always the speed you get when you use your internet. Find out using this test created by the State of Colorado! Colorado Speed Test Application

To use this test, first enter the address where you are currently located. If you know, please enter your provider and cost of service. Then select “begin test”. A test will run for about 30 seconds. Once complete, you will be able to see your upload and download speeds for internet service. Finally, hit “submit form” so we can map test speeds throughout our region.

The state of Colorado is collecting this information and updating internet speeds throughout the state on a regular basis. The SWCCOG will use the results to identify additional internet development needs throughout Southwest Colorado. This will help with local planning to ensure everyone has access to high speed internet (defined as 25 megabits per second download speed or greater, and 3 megabits per second upload speed or greater).

The map below will show the results of the tests throughout Southwest Colorado. This map will be updated every few weeks, so your results will take several days to show up. Keep an eye on this page to learn what your internet connection is and how it compares for your neighborhood, town, and region!

Map May-July 2016

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