Regional Recycling

The SWCCOG recently developed a website with the help of local municipalities, counties and industry experts. This website will be a resource for all residents of Southwest Colorado. It includes information about trash and recycling haulers for every community in the region. The website also features a list of acceptable recyclable materials, drop off hours and locations, and composting information. It is an all-encompassing source for Southwest Coloradans who want to reduce their waste stream. See the website at:

In 2014 The SWCCOG was awarded a Recycling Resources Economic Opportunities grant through the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment.The grant is for the fiscal year 2014-2015, starting July 1 2014 and finishing June 30 2015.

All documents regarding the RREO Grant, presentations, and the Regional Recycling Taskforce are available below. We will also post notices as to when the next Taskforce meeting will be taking place.

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